Matheson Museum Library, Records and Archives

This building was initially the Gainesville Tabernacle Choir built-in 1933. Complete demolition of the interior and structural piers were installed to stabilize the foundations. All windows and doors were rebuilt to historical specifications. A state of the art fire suppression system was installed to protect all documents stored inside. Won the City Beautification Award for 2016.

Holy Trinity Episcopalian School

In 2014, this 13,000 SF project was part remodel of existing structure and addition of new structure with tie-in to existing. The side work included new parking lot, perimeter picket fence and a playground for the students.

Oak Hall School Administrative Building

In 2013, site work and demolition of a new single story 3,600 SF building was built with a project value of $700,000.00. The building included a café in the break area, masonry exterior walls with stone and stucco finish, smooth drywall on metal stud interior walls, wood trusses with plywood deck and shingle roof.

O2B Kids

This 2.6 million dollar, 34,000 SF building is a new construction for a daycare/school, parking lot and playground built in 1998. It is a two story structure with classrooms, large multipurpose areas, snack bar and ADA bathrooms. The building also has an elevator between floors as well as stairwells.