Established Commercial Construction Services

Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. first engaged in commercial contracting in the Alachua County area in 1979 with the addition of Richard Wagner, Millard Joyner’s good friend and college classmate. In order to establish the commercial services of Joyner Construction Partners, LLC., Richard developed long-standing business relationships with architects and subcontractors, and his proven track record of finishing projects on time and in budget extended year after year. Throughout that time, the size and complexity of our commercial construction projects have varied and expanded along with our client base. Therefore, our commercial services have been integral in developing our reputation in the Gainesville community and preserving that reputation for over forty years.

A Commercial Construction Leader

The commercial construction department of the company is grounded in the general contracting competence of President Richard Wagner. With old school, extensive knowledge of his craft, Richard has shared his expertise with a well trained staff in order to bring commercial services to countless clients throughout North Central Florida.

“Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. is responsible for many of Gainesville’s most memorable buildings.”

Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. is responsible for many of Gainesville’s most memorable buildings. Over the years, Joyner has helped to build Gainesville from the ground up and lay the foundation for further progress and expansion by completing banks, schools, factories, offices, medical facilities, health centers, and more. Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. would not be what it is today without the wonderful people behind local businesses that have supported us throughout the years. Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. is thankful for Gainesville and will continue to build for this city and the surrounding region for many more years to come.

Flexible Commercial Construction Services

For any type of commercial building project, Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. is dedicated to doing many specific things to please our completely new or repeat clients, including:

  • Recognizing the scope of the project
  • Adapting our management methods
  • Customizing our construction solutions
  • Satisfying inspection requirements
  • Finishing on schedule
  • Staying on budget

We are committed to contracting prices that win bids and to providing the level of participation and accommodation that businesses and organizations expect in negotiated contracts. Since the 1980s, Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. has been landing negotiated contracts that give clients a more hands-on role, and we have always prioritized the consistent communication that clients need in order to remain informed and involved in the project.

Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. holds our commercial construction services to the highest standards of professionalism by doing whatever it takes to remain in control of the time, cost, and quality of every project. We are very willing to apply management tactics not typically associated with the general contractor’s role in order to appease the distinct needs of special purpose buildings and to guarantee that the completion of all tasks aligns perfectly with the project allowance and deadline. Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. is equipped with the trustworthy resources and masterful skills that simultaneously preserve our confidence and our flexibility.

 Valued Commercial Services

Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. has accumulated our masterful skills throughout our extensive history in the industry. We learned the basic essentials of commercial construction before the arrival of recent technologies; therefore, while we do use technology for efficiency and convenience, we are not dependent upon technology to deliver our best. Our seasoned staff members are so knowledgeable that we are still able to calculate fairly accurate estimates in our heads and instantly illustrate a design on paper in order to literally get everyone on the same page. We know how to meet the strict inspection requirements of various types of public facilities, yet we also possess the creativity to hold a unique vision, which means that your building will be perfectly up to code and very aesthetically pleasing.

Your building will also be at or below budget with our devotion to value engineering, which we implement to assist our clients in saving money. We accomplish this task by using alternate products that look and operate similarly to their counterparts and by comparing the methods of construction with the availability of materials and labor. We then modify the structure accordingly.

We are also a Varco Pruden builder in the Pre-Engineered Metal Building Industry. Read more about this here.

To learn more about how our commercial construction services can supply you with the best building for your business, contact Joyner Construction Partners, LLC. today.