Mike Duffy

“I sold building materials for over 30 years and am familiar with most builders in the Gainesville area. Out of all the builders, I chose Joyner Construction Partners to build three homes for us and we were happy with the results. Joyner is easy to work with, and stayed on schedule.”

Richard and Phoebe Miles, Cade Museum Foundation, Inc.

“Joyner Construction turned our abandoned downtown building into a beautiful historic renovation that is fully rented by new tech companies. The project managers flawlessly coordinated every step; from helping us find an architect to picking out high-quality flooring and lights. Best of all, it was on time and on budget.”

Buddy Alexander, Partners Golf Consulting

“Joyner Construction has built four houses for me since I moved to Gainesville in 1988. Each one was a pleasurable experience and consequently, Millard has become a very good friend. In all four homes, I felt I got great value for my money and personal service. Millard is a great builder and a great guy!”

Andy Kaplan, Andrew Kaplan Architect, PA

“We have been working together on projects too numerous to recount here, for at least a couple of decades. I have always enjoyed working with you and your company because you get things done quickly, efficiently and well. I always feel confident recommending Joyner Construction to clients as I trust they will get a fair deal and a well built project. I hope to continue this relationship for years to come.”

Mike Ryals, Senior Vice President, Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC

“I have used Joyner Construction (both personally and on behalf of clients) on multiple construction projects. Their work, and follow up, has always been timely, price sensitive and professional. I encourage anyone who is considering a building project in the Gainesville marketplace to consider Joyner Construction.”

Kenneth D. Tenney, Central Florida Drywall & Plastering

“We’ve been doing business with Joyner Construction Partners for over 30 years. Joyner has always conducted themselves professionally and fairly. I trust them implicitly. They know their business, pay their bills on time, and deliver a quality product to their clients. They work diligently to bring the project into budget without sacrificing quality. They portray extreme competence and professionalism at all times. I’ve never encountered a situation where Joyner did not have the best interest of the project and its owners in mind.”

Richard E. Scarborough, Scarborough Insurance

“Joyner Construction and its owners, Millard Joyner and Richard Wagner, have built my house, been my clients for many years, and remain my good friends. Joyner Construction is a group of talented, experienced and dependable professionals. I would recommend them for both personal and commercial construction needs.”

Robert J. Walpole, PE, President of CHW

“During the Construction of our office, Joyner Construction provided a top notch client experience. Their expertise allowed us to realize our vision for a modern office space that reflects our culture and values as a firm while maintaining a tight budget and very tight schedule.”

Mike McGraw, Vintage Electric Inc.

“Joyner Construction has not changed in 30 years, great people, attention to detail, and a handshake is still an agreement. As a subcontractor we enjoy working with Joyner Construction, projects are well run, well communicated without all the process layers of many of their competitors. I have worked with Richard Wagner for years, he’s hands on, tuned in, and understands all aspects of the project. This results in a successful project for owners and subs alike.”